13 Healthy Tips to Help Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss

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These 13 easy steps and take home messages were compiled  from a public forum that was held by Dr. Tytus and Dr. Curnew earlier this week.

#1 Start a Journal. 
- Record daily entries. If possible an entry at each meal and snack intake.

#2  Eat Small Meals Frequently. 
- Every 2-3hours if possible.

#3 Buy a Pedometer/ Take the stairs when possible. 
- Record average steps per day… helps personally motivate for better performance
- Park further away from door entry or destination
- Walk rather than drive when possible.

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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COPD. Not sure what COPD is? You’re not alone. Broadly, COPD is an umbrella term used to describe chronic lung diseases that limit airflow in and out of your lungs and result in an increased shortness of breath as the disease progresses. Since it is possible to have early stages of the disease without knowing it, I joined up with a team of others in developing a website about COPD.

My patients and I talk about the effects of smoking frequently during appointments, and COPD is one of those diseases that is strong correlated with smoking, so current and ex-smokers should be aware of it. If you are interested in a quick read, check out this COPD Diagnosis.

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Dr. Arya Sharma (Obesity Expert) and Dr. Stuart Weprin, ObGyn Dayton Ohio