“Is exercise ever too much for the heart?”

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Is there such a thing as too much exercise for the heart?

Dr. Tytus was recently interviewed for Glow Magazine through the Becel Centre for Heart Health. You can find the section in the March edition of Glow Magazine, currently on newsstands, or view the  magazine online, or read the section below.

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If you’re struggling with stress you’re not alone

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The American Academy of Family Physicians conducted a study in 1988 that discovered that 75% to 90% of patient visits to their family physician are for stress-related complaints. Stress manifests itself in so many different ways. Stress can present itself as depression and anxiety; it can cause or worsen high blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia… There are many health issues that are related to stress, but the question is, how do you deal with stress?

On Tuesday Oct. 1, 2013, come join me at a public lecture about how to deal with stress at McMaster University. Tickets are $10 and the event is almost sold out. To learn more and to register, visit https://curestress.ca

For more resources on stress, please look at PatientStress.com.

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Smoking Cessation with Dr. Rick Tytus

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23% of people smoke in Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. Tytus is interviewed about smoking cigarettes, its effects, and what you can do to quit.

Your Hamilton, Your Health is a video series created by expert physicians in Hamilton. Each month a new video will be created which will provide Hamiltonians and beyond with quick tips and information on important health issues.

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Complication about diabetes not getting through

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13 Healthy Tips to Help Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss

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These 13 easy steps and take home messages were compiled  from a public forum that was held by Dr. Tytus and Dr. Curnew earlier this week.

#1 Start a Journal. 
- Record daily entries. If possible an entry at each meal and snack intake.

#2  Eat Small Meals Frequently. 
- Every 2-3hours if possible.

#3 Buy a Pedometer/ Take the stairs when possible. 
- Record average steps per day… helps personally motivate for better performance
- Park further away from door entry or destination
- Walk rather than drive when possible.

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Are You Quitting Smoking?

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I wanted to share a message especially with those reading that are addicted to nicotine, but also with non-smokers who have friends and family that smoke and, last but not least, this message also goes out to non-smokers who have quit the habit!

A new resource for smokers is available online called Quit.ca (they’re on Facebook too). It’s a site that gets back to the basics of community support. Quit.ca has a message board/ forum for smokers that are looking for support in their effort to quit and I will be stopping by the forum time and again.

We all know by now how deadly an addiction to nicotine can be and the negative effects it can have on our families and those close to us through second hand smoke. If you are ready to quit smoking for good or are working toward that goal (or just want to share encouragement with others) register to join the Quit.ca Forum.

Patients of mine can book an appointment with our office to discuss treatment options for nicotine addiction. You have the power to choose not to smoke that next cigarette.

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