Classes of Hypertension Drugs

Consult your physician for the appropriate classes of hypertension drugs for you

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There are six classes of hypertension drugs commonly used to regulate blood pressure levels. Blood pressure medications are prescribed when lifestyle changes are not enough to lower blood pressure levels on their own. Depending on the individual, a prescription of anywhere from one to four classes of hypertension drugs are allotted by a physician in order to regulate blood pressure levels and determine the proper treatment.

The classes of hypertension drugs prescribed in Canada include:

ACE Inhibitors: These inhibitors are prescribed to improve symptoms in patients who may experience fatigue and shortness of breath, on a long-term basis. They aid in the regulation of blood pressure, taking away some of the strain on the heart which works to improve the pumping of blood. This medication works to dilate blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow.

Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARB): This form of hypertension treatment works to counteract the enzyme angiotension II which tends to cause blood vessels to be more confined, placing more pressure on the heart. An ARB relaxes the blood vessels which in turn regulates blood pressure to safer levels.

Diuretics: Diuretics are another prescription medication that work by increasing the amount of salt removed from the body through the kidneys. They are typically the most commonly prescribed classes of hypertension drugs. When the body processes urine, water levels in blood are lowered, which overall reduces blood pressure.

Calcium Channel Blockers: The increased relaxation of blood vessels through the use of calcium channel blockers decrease heart rates as well as the strength of contractions occurring in the heart.

Alpha Blockers: The dilation of blood vessels is a result of alpha-blockers that work to lower blood pressure. This form of hypertension medication has a larger proportion of side effects than other forms.

Beta Blockers: Beta-blockers are included in the common classes of hypertension drugs as they work to lower high blood pressure levels by reducing the strength of the heart beat, eliminating extra pressure on the heart through blood flowing at a lesser force.

There are also classes of hypertension drugs that combine dosages of medications in order to increase convenience as well as costs, while at the same time appropriately addressing the individuals’ blood pressure levels.

Talk to your physician regarding the most appropriate prescriptions for your individual circumstances, in order to determine which of the classes of hypertension drugs are right for you.