13 Healthy Tips to Help Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss

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These 13 easy steps and take home messages were compiled  from a public forum that was held by Dr. Tytus and Dr. Curnew earlier this week.

#1 Start a Journal. 
- Record daily entries. If possible an entry at each meal and snack intake.

#2  Eat Small Meals Frequently. 
- Every 2-3hours if possible.

#3 Buy a Pedometer/ Take the stairs when possible. 
- Record average steps per day… helps personally motivate for better performance
- Park further away from door entry or destination
- Walk rather than drive when possible.

#4 Eat Breakfast every day!
- Within an hour of waking.

#5 Eat oatmeal -large whole flakes. Not instant. 
- Add Flax seed and blueberries as an option.

#6 Decrease refined sugars and starchy Carbs
- Decrease simple sugars except fruit and decrease portions of complex carbohydrates EXCEPT veggies

#7 Increase Vegetable intake.
- Veggies are a complex carb that portion size needs to be increased!
- Fruits – 2 servings a day, you do not need more when attempting to lose weight

#8 Cut out the Juice! 
- Avoid drinking excess calories. Eat an apple and drink water!

#9 Eat FISH at least 3x a week.
- Try to follow the Mediterranean diet and eat fish 3-5x a week if possible.

#10  HALT THE SALT!    
- Read labels
- Decrease the amount of processed foods including soups.
- Beware of all soups in a can or package. Make your own!
- Limit fast foods and restaurant meals.
- Limit condiments.
Health Canada and Heart and Stroke Foundation recommend:
Age 19- 49 -1500mg.
Age 50-70 1300.
Age 71+ 1200

#11 NO artificial sweeteners. 
They increase your appetite! 
- It has been proven that people who use Diet products or artificial sweeteners will eat more and consume more calories.
- Do not use Sweet & Low or Splenda
- Train palate to take coffee or tea with NO sugar.
- If using sugar or honey limit to a very small amount a drop- to half teaspoon.

#12 Moderate EXERCISE at least 30 min a day 5-7 days per week. 
- Moderate exercise if you can tolerate if not start with light exercise even chair exercises can help expend calories.
- Resistance training will give the best results.

#13 Do it for yourself and loved ones!
- Motivate others- find a healthy lifestyle/Exercise buddy
- Start or join a walking group. Committing to someone else helps you stay motivated and stick to it.

Follow the above tips on a daily basis and it will not be luck, you WILL lose inches and most importantly see a decrease in abdominal fat.

Happy and Healthy Lifestyle to all!!

Posted on May 17, 2012 in Articles and Tips

Thank you for this post. I had no clue all the diet pop and sweetners i use may be the reason why i feel hungry ALOT. Maybe I should try cutting back on those and drinking more natural things, like water!

Comment by Tammy Matchett — May 17, 2012 @ 12:58 pm

I cannot eat breakfast 1 hr after waking.It usually is 3 hr’s,as i do my crossing guard job,and when i return that is when i eat breakfast which is at 9am. Also , i do walk every day,eat lots of veggies’,watch my carbs,and i have no sweets whatsoever,and i still cannot lose weight.

Comment by Elaine Cherrington — May 24, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

Rules number 5, 6 and 7 sort of contradict themselves.
Sorry but that is what I noticed.

Comment by Jaime — June 13, 2012 @ 5:26 am

Hi Jaime, I’m happy to help.
Indeed, education is so important in helping everyone understand the “why’s” of what we are trying to teach.

Please check out the following links:


Comment by Dr. Tytus' Office — June 13, 2012 @ 10:05 am

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