Dr. Tytus on “New Healthcare”

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Dr. Tytus was on Hamilton at Noon on Talk 820 yesterday. Listen to the interview below and leave your comments right here!

Posted on May 12, 2009 in Office Announcements,Speaking Engagements

It’s funny how our government is just grasping this idea now. I like the idea of allowing all medical professionals easy access to patients medical records via the internet and providing easier accessibility for refilling prescriptions. It just makes sense. Take advantage of our telecommunications!

One note: As much as the patient needs to take better care of themselves (and want to do it) so do doctors. Some medical professionals just don’t seem to want to help or listen to their patient because they’re just too busy… except for Dr. Tytus of course :)

Comment by Martin — July 29, 2009 @ 9:43 pm

First time I have visited your website and it is fantastic. Will definitely revisit more often. I wish everyone I know had/has a family physician as wonderful as you. You are extremely busy but you always make the time to listen to your patients and have their best interests at heart. When I am prescribed any type of medication i.e. from neurologists, pain specialists, psychiatrists, etc, I always ask them or my pharmacist if this medication will interact with the meds I am already taking. I keep track of my meds in a medication record booklet but still think electronic links between physicians/pharmacists would be great as we (patients)tend to forget to record all meds or may lose our booklets etc. Way to go Dr. Tytus, you’re my hero!

Comment by freda scott — November 5, 2009 @ 1:32 pm

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