What to do if you catch the flu

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The most important things to do are to:

-Stay home and try to stay at least 2m from others
-Drink plenty of fluids

How much fluid should you drink?

-If you get a fever, it’s easy to get dehydrated, which means your body doesn’t have enough water.

-Signs of dehydration include dizziness and headache.

-You should drink enough fluids so that you produce urine that is relatively clear.

-Good things to drink are: water, broth, sports drinks for teens and adults (Gatorade), and electrolyte drinks (Pedialyte) for young kids.

-If you’re dizzy, not making urine, or your urine is very dark, you’re not drinking enough.

The following is a link containing additional information, compiled by us here at Main Medical.

H1N1 Patient Information Sheet

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