How Common is Hypertension?

Wondering how common hypertension is?

Exactly how common is hypertension in Canada? Hypertension, which is the medical term for high blood pressure, affects approximately 22 percent of adults in Canada. Only about half of those who suffer from hypertension know they do and only one in eight effectively treat their condition.

How common is hypertension? It is one of the most common and important health problems that are facing Canadians today. It is also one of the primary risk factors for stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. Stroke and heart disease account for 37 percent of all deaths.

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The risk of hypertension tends to increase as you get older. Throughout early middle age hypertension is found to be more common in men. Women are more likely to develop high blood pressure after menopause.At the age of 65, there is a 50% chance of having high blood pressure; if blood pressure is not present, then there is a 90% chance to develop it within the next twenty years. Ultimately, there is is a 90% chance of developing high blood pressure in your lifetime. Hypertension in children is less common but still possible.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular disease worldwide. Roughly 20 percent of the world's adult population is affected by high blood pressure.

How common is hypertension? The WHO reports that nearly one billion people throughout the world have high blood pressure and half a billion more will fall victim to this silent killer by the year 2025. Developed parts of the world like North America and Europe are not the only places facing this problem, with less developed countries in Africa beginning to see a rise in high blood pressure. How common is hypertension related deaths? The WHO estimates that hypertension-related diseases result in 26.9 percent of developed countries' deaths, and 21.6 percent of underdeveloped countries' deaths.

Keep on top of your blood pressure to make sure you're as healthy as possible. This article hopefully answered your question, “How common is hypertension?