Warfarin-Nutrition and Supplement Information

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We just received this very succinct patient information handout on nutrition while taking Warfarin.  It’s a nice reminder to read:Patient Information Handout

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Flu Shots

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H1N1 Flu Shots and Seasonal Flu Shots

are now available

without an appointment 

during regular office hours


on Wednesdays 


on Fridays after 11a.m.

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Phone Changes

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We have a new feature offered on our Office Phone system:


To Leave a Message

for Appointment Cancellation


Dr. Tytus or Dr. Metcalfe


Please Press 201

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Our first shipment of H1N1 Vaccine has arrived for eligible individuals!

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 Wednesday November 11, 2009 @ 9a.m. to 1p.m.


Friday November 13, 2009 @ 1p.m. to 4p.m.

Bring your health card
Must be a patient of Dr. Tytus or Dr. Metcalfe

We are currently focused on people at elevated risk of complications. 

There will be sufficient H1N1 vaccine available for everyone that needs and wants to be immunized. 

No one will be left out. 

If you are not eligible for vaccine this week, please check back for future clinic schedules.

        Groups and individuals eligible for vaccine include:

  • people with chronic medical conditions under the age of 65
  • pregnant women
  • children six months to under 5 years of age
  • people living in remote and isolated settings or communities
  • health care workers involved in pandemic response or who deliver essential health services
  • household contacts and caregivers of individuals who are at high risk, and who cannot be immunized 
  • (such as infants under six months of age or people with weakened immune systems)
  • The website will be updated when we have supply for the remainder of the patient population.

Follow this link for information about the

availability of H1N1 vaccine clinics in Hamilton.

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H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects & Information

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The following is part of the package insert designed specifically for consumers from GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of the vaccine. This is a summary, and will not tell you everything about Arepanrix, the H1N1 vaccine. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about the vaccine.

Vaccine Information Sheet

Note: Because the vaccine does not contain the live virus, you cannot get the flu from this vaccine. Most side effects are expected to be mild, will not last long, and will go away on their own.


-The vaccine is not recommended for infants under 6 months of age.
-People with bleeding disorders or who are taking medication that could affect blood clotting should talk with their doctor before receiving the vaccine.

Do not get the vaccine if you have a serious allergy to:

- eggs, egg products or chicken proteins
- Other influenza vaccinations
- Any ingredient of this vaccine

Delay receiving the H1N1 vaccine in the following situations:

- anyone with a moderate to severe acute illness with fever should usually wait until the symptoms subside
- people with a minor illness (eg: cold) with/without a fever should still get the vaccine.
- individuals with an evolving neurologic disorder, until the disease process has been stabilized.

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What to do if you catch the flu

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The most important things to do are to:

-Stay home and try to stay at least 2m from others
-Drink plenty of fluids

How much fluid should you drink?

-If you get a fever, it’s easy to get dehydrated, which means your body doesn’t have enough water.

-Signs of dehydration include dizziness and headache.

-You should drink enough fluids so that you produce urine that is relatively clear.

-Good things to drink are: water, broth, sports drinks for teens and adults (Gatorade), and electrolyte drinks (Pedialyte) for young kids.

-If you’re dizzy, not making urine, or your urine is very dark, you’re not drinking enough.

The following is a link containing additional information, compiled by us here at Main Medical.

H1N1 Patient Information Sheet

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